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Website Packages

All our website options come with some standard features. From there, it's up to you what options you add to create your perfect site.

We've listed some popular packages as examples, but you have the freedom to choose any or all of the options yourself.

Standard Features

These features come as standard with all websites.

  • Responsive Design
  • 2 annual content changes
  • Contact form
  • 3 Basic mailboxes (POP/IMAP)
  • Standard hosting £49.99 (per annum)

Below are some popular bundles to help you choose.


Perfect for tradespeople wanting an online business card or start-ups on a budget.

  • 1 basic design draft
  • 2 pages
  • From £249


The standard choice for an eye catching professional site on the internet.

  • 2 basic design drafts
  • 5 pages
  • Homepage Carousel
  • Perfect for small businesses and organisations
  • From £399


A design package with an ample number of pages for larger websites.

  • 3 basic design drafts
  • 12 pages
  • Homepage Carousel
  • A starting point for building a full-featured website
  • From £899

Extra features are listed below.

Additional Options

Feature Price
Content Management System (CMS) £149
SQL Hosting (required for CMS) £19.99 (per annum)
Carousel £99
Lightbox / Slideshow £99
Custom contact form £149
Logo Design £149
Additional changes by us £49 (per change)
Additional Pages £69 (per page)
Additional Basic Mailboxes (x5) £99.99 (per annum)
Standard Mailboxes £3.99 (per calendar month)
Domain Registration & Management £19.99 (per annum)
Website Backups £3.99 (per calendar month)

We can tailor each package to suit your needs. For e-commerce solutions please get in contact for a specific quote.